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mmmm....... I bet YOU want to know what Kyuss are doin' now hmmmm, hmmmm

John Garcia has track on the "Welcome to Meteor City" compilation album.

Man's ruin are releasing a CD with both Kyuss and Queens of the stone age stuff on it:
-"Into the void"
-"Fatso Forgetso"
-"If only everything"
-"Spiders and vinegaroons"
-"Born to hula"

A new live Kyuss Cd is out and it's a bootlegged show from Austin called "Mercurious pools"

Ex-Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri's band Mondo Generator broke up recently. If you require a sample of their music send $6 to :
1333 Arena Drive #213
Austin, TX 78741

John Garcia has a band called Slo-Burn, they are releasing a CD on Malicious Vinyl label, this can be obtained from:
6607 Sunset Boulevard/Los Angeles,
CA 90028
Phone: 213-465-2700

Man's Ruin has a Gamma Ray (Now QOTSA with Josh Homme) 7" single with 2 tracks:
-"Born to hula"
-"If only everything"

Brandt Bjork filled in on drums for Fu Manchu's recent 10" for Man's Ruin

Scott Reeder has just finished filling on on bass for Nebula. Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano, ex-Fu Manchu's new band.

On Bongload records a split Wool/Kyuss 7" has been released and has "shine" on it by Kyuss.

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