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Formed in January 1995 Orange Goblin are major fans of Doom Rock and Metal.
Their influences (ahem!!) are Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Atomic Rooster, Mountain and Trouble.
Orange Goblin have a groove laden-doom metal sound to take the great tradition of British Heavy Metal to new and uncharted dimensions.
They used to be called Our Haunted Kingdom, and it was under this name that they were first seen by Rise Above records Lee Dorian when they openied for Mourn and Electric Wizard on at The Devil's Church In London.
Lee was so impressed that he offered them a deal on the spot!
The band's first release for the label was the track "The Aquatic Fanatic" on a limited edition split 7" with Electric Wizard.
This record was the first and last release under the Our Haunted Kingdom name, which was dropped in time for the bands debut CD appearance, the track "Saruman's Wish" which opened the infamous "Dark Passages 2" compilation.
They have already toured with the likes of Cathedral, The Blood Divine and Mourn as well as gigging with Acrimony, The Dawn, Electric Wizard and Dearly Beheaded.
In September 1997 they released their first full length album, the cosmic epic "Frequencies From Planet Ten"; this disc encompasses all facets of the Goblins style, from the chilled out triteness of "Star Shaped Cloud" to the raw power of the headbanging bombast that is "Magic Carpet".

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